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We don't have many li​tters but when we do we try our best to produce healthy, happy Dalmatians that are long lived. We strive to produce dogs that can do it all! The dogs that we deem are of breeding quality must have good temperaments and be healthy.

We take health very seriously therefore the parents of our litters have been screened for genetic diseases and the results listed in open databases such as OFA and CHIC. We only produce litters that have the potential of carrying the LUA (Low Uric Acid) gene. We do our best to make sure your puppy is and will be as healthy as possible.

Of course we always hope to produce beautiful specimens of the breed that can be competitive in the conformation show ring. We are equally concerned that we can produce dogs that can excel in the performance sports as well. We understand that every puppy is not destined to be a top contender however we raise every puppy to be all that they can be! There are many Rim Rock Champions and Grand Champions and there are Rim Rock dogs competing in Rally, Obedience, Agility and Lure coursing.

We think that all our puppies are special and finding the perfect home for each of them is our main concern. You will have your companion for 12 to 15 years and we only look for homes that are willing to make that commitment. 

What can you expect from us?


A well bred, healthy puppy that we hope will share the wonderful temperament of his parents. All of our puppies have their dewclaws removed, checked for worms, examined by a veterinarian, are BAER hearing tested, DNA tested for hyperuricosuria and microchipped. They will have been socialized and also they will have had Early Neurological Stimulation. They will have had age appropriate inoculations.


What do we expect from you?


First and foremost, a loving caring home where the dog will be a part of the family for 12 to 15 years. We would expect you to take the time to train the dog hopefully with a positive instructor. Rim Rock Dalmatians are smart and need a job so training them is essential. They respond to positive training methods and love to exercise their fit bodies. We expect that the dog will have proper medical care and quality food.

We are always available to answer your questions and give you advise as long as you own the dog. We will stay in touch and expect the same from you.


What does a Rim Rock puppy cost?


All our puppies are priced at $2000. Puppies that will not be used as part of a breeding program will be sold outright to their new owners on a limited registration. 

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